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I am looking for a select few organizations like yours to be a part of an exciting and inspiring journey.



To become the first Canadian, and only the second North American, to summit all of the world’s mountains in excess of 8,000 metres or 26,000 feet.

There are 14 peaks of this stature, that’s why Al’s labeling the plan “The Big 14 Challenge”. To date, Al has summited six of the “8,000’ers”, including the top two, Everest, which he’s summited twice, and K2. Of the eight remaining, four are located in Nepal and four are in Pakistan.



Align your organization with an expedition where Safety, Teamwork and the Environment are the themes.

Al wants to work with sponsorship partners to ensure that The Big 14 Challenge helps them achieve important business and marketing objectives with further focus on sustainability, quality, loyalty and commitment to doing things differently.

Al recognizes that there are so many parallels between climbing some of the world’s highest mountains, and the challenges we all face in our businesses every day. ‘Many of the decisions I have to make on a mountain, are the same decisions that I had to make over the course of my 30 years in the Canadian oil industry.  It is just that the environment is different.’

Every day, businesses have to face hardships: finding and keeping good people, dealing with budgets and having to ‘tighten the belt,' performance, team morale, external market pressure, competition, meeting deadlines, dealing with impediments, and finding solutions when things go wrong. 

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Al at al@alhancock.com.



His plan, over the next three years, is to summit all fourteen 8,000-metre peaks.

It’s an ambitious goal; but Al is no stranger to a series of challenging expeditions in a short time frame. In 2014, as expedition leader, Al scaled Makalu in July and summited K2 two months later. In 2012, Al tackled three 8,000-metre peaks in a six-month window. All told, he’s been on a total of twelve 8,000-metre expeditions and has successfully climbed “The Seven Summits," the highest mountain on every continent.

The next leg of Al’s journey begins in March, 2017. When he’ll travel to Nepal to tackle Kangchenjunga and Lhotse, third and forth on the list respectively.


Past Sponsor Testimonials

He is a great ambassador for us as well as the city of Fort McMurray. Al treated us with respect and has been an inspiration for us and our organization.

Mark Macdonald, Franchisee / Boston Pizza, Fort McMurray

Fenner Dunlop Americas very proudly sponsored Al Hancock on his final Seven Summits climb - his journey to the top of Mt. Vinson in Antarctica. Al's passion and determination served as daily inspiration for our employees and our families. His messages on safety, teamwork, environment and proper planning resonate through our plants.

Jill Schultz, Fenner Dunlop Americas

Al Hancock has allowed us as sponsor's to travel to places we had only ever dreamed of going. He has taken us on an incredible journey. Al has inspired us to follow our dreams, and get out and enjoy life.

Pamela Bowie, Outdoor Essentials

Al Hancock has a history of successfully taking on tough personal challenges. He plans, executes and delivers. I'd like to congratulate Al for adding fundraising for the Children's Wish Foundation to his 2010 Everest climb. I know he will be successful!

Brenda Erskine, Suncor Energy

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