What can go wrong, will go wrong

What can go wrong, will go wrong


Al knows all too well that things don’t always go as planned. 

Since arriving on the mountain about a week ago, the team has established camps one, two and three, but not without being greeted with some difficult challenges along the way.

On the morning of April 13th, Al woke up to the inside of a tent that was near the point of collapsing; the sides were pushed in and the poles were broken, being crushed by the heavy snow that had fallen overnight. Al and the team had to dig themselves out and make their way back to base camp in chest-deep snow, knowing that the summit push would be put on hold for now. 

He is currently back at base camp, resting up and waiting until the storm that has been ravaging Annapurna for the past few days lets up. Until then, Al and the team will be unable to carry on the summit push — the snow on the mountain is not consolidated, meaning the avalanche hazard level is at an all time high and conditions are deadly. 

As always, safety is a core value for Al and he won’t be making any hasty decisions that would put him or the team in danger. He hopes that the next few days will show a clearing up in conditions and an improvement in luck, but as he says, “anything can happen up here”.

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