The Big 14 Has Begun!

The Big 14 Has Begun!


After some minor delays due to bad weather, Al arrived safely to the Annapurna base camp in Nepal on March 28th. He and his team of fellow climbers, sherpas and support staff spent the first day on-site setting up the cook tents and mess tent as the camp will be their home for roughly the next six weeks as they make their way up the mountain. 

It was a long process going through all of the ins and outs of the days leading up to the summit; after arriving in Nepal on March 14th, Al met with Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to sign the climb permit and go through a summit briefing. He also had the honour of receiving blessings for his journey at a Monastery at the Boudhanath in Kathmandu — a Buddhist place of worship. 

Now finally settled, Al and the team finished up their final strategy meeting and this leg of the Big 14 Challenge is more real than ever. The team’s goal for the next couple of days is to establish camps one and two, though they have been having some wet, snowy weather and may have to hold off for safety reasons. They are being tracked using Spot GPS tracking technology, which will enable first responders to locate them better should an emergency occur.

Al is excited to be joined by team members from all across the globe — the Annapurna team is comprised of climbers from China, Spain, Japan, the US, and Nepal — but he is especially looking forward to becoming the very first Canadian to stand on the peak of Annapurna. 

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