The Big 14 Challenge continues

The Big 14 Challenge continues


After much thought I have decided to once again go back to Pakistan to continue The Big 14 Challenge. I will be heading back to Broad Peak, the 12th highest peak in the world.

It will be my second attempt, the first one being in 2012 which my team mates and I were weathered off. I will leave Nepal for Pakistan on June 25th. I'll be heading first to Islamabad, Skardu, then from there for the next 10 hours down one of the most nail biting, scariest rides of one's life. From Skardu township to Askole village, one minute you hear a scraping sound as the paint is being applied to the side of the rocks from the jeep as it hugs the cliffs on the narrow road and in a blink of an eye you're looking into the abyss. With the tires inching out over precipitous edges, not a calming spectacle, sometimes the dirt road just starts to crumble under the weight of the Jeep and we have get out and do a little road maintenance. At the end of the road we will arrive at a little hamlet called, Askole. We will spend one night there and in the morning with a hundred porters helping to transport all our gear, tents, sleeping bags, food, fuel and ropes to name a few items that we will need for the next six to eight weeks as we scale Broad Peak. The hike into base camp will take us about seven days.

I am still looking for sponsors to help me complete the challenge, and I’m also now booking speaking engagements for this fall.

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