K2 Reflections

K2 Reflections


I have heard before that when two roads open up to you, always choose the most difficult, the one that will demand the most of you.

Frank BiDart once said…

The voice in my head says

Love is the distance between you and what you love

Whether you love what you love

Or live in divided ceaseless revolt against it

What you love is your fate.

I stood on a corner street by an overpass in Islamabad “Pakistan as the convoy of ambulances and the military transported the coffins of the deceased.

As the Climbing Community, Pakistan and the World stood in shook at the unprecedented attack and senseless execution of 11 climbers at base camp of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain of the world by the Taliban many teams elected to go home others decided to stay in solidarity to honour those lives that were taken so tragically. Like the fabric of a quilted blanket the climbing community is close nit. We climb for the beauty of climbing, the companionship of people who share the same interest but also we are entrenched with the memories of those who have passed. To those that we shared the mountain with, to the brothers and sisters of the rope.

K2 stands at an incredible height of 28,251 feet, the world’s second-highest mountain. It’s said that it’s the mountaineer’s mountain. K2 thrust skywards out of the Karakoram Range of northern Pakistan. Although it’s regarded as the ultimate achievement, I have climbed with many climbers in the past who are worthily of its flanks and who would have been committed to climbing the mountain in grand style. Getting to the summit is the goal and objective, getting back down safely is our success. I know, I have been there twice.

In 2012 and 2013 the weather has been a primal factor in not reaching the summit but there were other lessons to be learnt that I will apply to other expeditions in the future and K2 remains.  I hold steadfast to the craft of mountaineering and to the lessons that each mountain has brought to me both “physical, mental and at times spiritual.

A big Thank You to my sponsors “Good Year Engineered Products, Fam Canada and Fort McMurray Tax and Accounting. Without your generous support there would be no expedition.

To the product Sponsors Mountain Hardwear for supplying all the clothing and Spot “Ready for Adventure, for global positing...thank you.

Special thanks to my family, friends and all the people, and business for your unwavering support, strength and believing in me, with much gratitude, I say Cheers!

I believe in the quote by – Reinhold Messner

I had not set off with the object of conquering a peak nor indeed of returning home a hero. What I wanted was to come to know and understand the fears of the world, and my own fears. I wanted to feel new again.


PS. Stay tuned, I will be announcing my next expedition very soon!

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