Expedition Announcement: Let's make Canadian history....

Expedition Announcement: Let's make Canadian history....


I am excited to announce my first expedition for 2014.  I will be attempting Makulu, the 5th highest mountain in the world.

Makalu is one of the most difficult mountains above 8,000 meters to climb and is notorious for its knife-edge ridges and overwhelming steep pitches. From all the research and data collected from the Himalayan Database, no Canadian has reached the summit of Makalu.

Its going to take determination, focus, commitment and at times will be saturated with tribulation. I embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

Its going to be an exciting year but I could not do what I do without the direct involvement sponsors. I am looking to partner with a select few organizations to be a part of my exciting and inspiring journey on another 8,000 meter peak. With intestinal fortitude and safety as a core value, I will be heading back to the Himalayas.

By sponsoring this expedition, together we can be making history by putting the first Canadian on its summit.

Seize the opportunity to encourage your entire organization to reach higher and achieve more. I can act as your brand ambassador, motivational speaker, and much more.

For Information on how to become a sponsor, contact me.

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