Exciting New Technology

Exciting New Technology


For the first time ever, track my position on the mountain!

Technology keeps evolving every year and I am excited to be integrating some of that cutting edge technology into this web site.  On the Broad Peak and K2 expedition pages you'll find an interactive 3D map where you'll be able to track my progress and explore both mountains from the comfort of your computer.  Take your time, explore and have fun, its exciting.

Thank you to Spot adventures for supplying their latest Spot, Satellite, and GPS Messenger to the expedition. Because of there generosity you can track my progress as I climb the world highest mountains, when the Spot Messenger is activated it will automatically show my location on the expedition map using Google Maps. As I travel to Nepal and Pakistan I will activate the Spot Messenger, so like I said before “ sit back in your favourite chair and together lets go to the Himalayas.

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