2 Weeks to Departure!

2 Weeks to Departure!


In two short weeks Al Hancock will depart on his journey to once again make Canadian history. 

The final preparations are underway, and on March 14 Al will be boarding a plane to Nepal, where he will gather his stored gear and head out to kick off the Big 14 Challenge.  The challenge will place Al in the position to make history as the first Canadian to summit the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world! Al has completed 6 already, and this year will see him attempt four more of the remaining 8. The first mountain peak will be Annapurna, and once Al reaches the summit he will be the first Canadian to stand there. The is a harrowing feat, and will present many physical and mental obstacles

While preparing for the challenge Al has undertaken obvious physical training, and mental preparation.  In addition to this, he has been working tirelessly to spread the word about his goals, and desire to place Canada on the global stage for mountaineering. In lead up to the Big 14 Challenge departure there has been a ton of buzz surrounding Al. He has appeared on: Breakfast TV, CTV Morning News, Global News, CTV Evening News, The Jason Strudwick Show, and Afternoon News with J’Lyn Nye. 

In the next two weeks there will continue to be coverage and celebrations as he heads out on this amazing adventure. 

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